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    DERMAX Marble Glue is made up of high standard unsaturated polyester resin, It can be used for bonding all king of marble, stone and granite, also can be used for mending of seams or dents of the surface on the marble products. The products are easy for operation and with high intensity characteristic, can be used for polishing after been cured.

    Main composition
    Unsaturated Polyester Resin, filling powder, peroxide

    Transparent, Beige, Cream, White, Red, etc

    Direction For Use.
    Keep the application surface dry and clean
    The ratio between Part A (marble adhesive) and Part B (Hardener) is 100: 3,
    If the end user wants to expedite or slow down the curing time, they can increase or reduce the quantity of Part B (Hardener), but too much Part B (Hardener) may change the color of the adhesive after its cured.
    Mix thoroughly and apply with facer.

    Do not return the mixed glue to the original packing, close the cover when store in cool, ventilate and dry place, away from the heat & kindling.
    Do not operate in wet circumstance or it will cause sticky on the surface.
    Working temperature arranges from -10℃ to 45℃.
    Over dosed hardener (more than 3%) may cause the color change of the colloid and reduction of adhesion.
    High temperature (<50℃) may cause the color change and reduction of adhesion .
    Do not use the marble adhesive for structural adherence, for dry-hanging of stones purpose, please use our epoxy base AB adhesive.
    Do not exposure to wetting and freezing temperature too much.

    Shelf Life
    12 months shelf life since production date when stored in cool places and good packed
    Forbid exposure in strong sunshine

    0.6Kg, 0.7Kg, 0.8Kg, 1Kg, 2.6Kgs, 3Kgs, 20Kgs, etc

    Safety rules
    Reserve the goods out of reach of children. Do not swallow.
    Personal protection: wearing suitable gloves, glasses or screen for face, and assure suitable local ventilation of work places.
    Keep suitable ventilation at the work place and keep away from fire.
    The adhesive and hardeners may cause chemical harms to skin and eyes. Rinse with water immediately and go to hospital if in serious case.


    Liquid Marble Adhesive

    Liquid Marble Adhesive is made up of high standard unsaturated polyester resin which used for bonding or mending the surface of the marble or granite, it’s in transparent lemon color and with good flowing and penetration characteristics, can be used for polishing after being cured.



    Good flowing and penetration ability.

    Can be used for various colors of the stone after mixing with the color pigment.

    Cure in short time (the exact time depending on application temperature).

    Can be operated in cold or hot weather (-10℃~45℃)

    Can be used for polishing after the adhesive been cured.


    Direction For Use:

    The ratio between Part A (marble adhesive) and Part B (Hardener) is 100:3

    Keep the application surface dry and clean

    Mix the adhesive with hardener and put them to the application surface evenly, add more adhesive if the application place have the crack or fissures.

    Fill full the application place with the enough adhesive, the polishing process can be done once the adhesive cured.



    800G, 1Kg, 4Kgs, 19Kgs, 225Kgs, etc


    Shelf Life:

    12 months shelf life when stored in cool places and ventilate warehouse once packed


    MARBLE ADHESIVE / Exporting Version

    Marble Adhesive is made up of high standard unsaturated polyester resin, It can be used for bonding all king of marble, stone and granite, also can be used for mending of seams or dents of the surface on the marble products. The products are easy for operation and with high intensity characteristic, can be used for polishing after been cured.


    Main composition

    Unsaturated Polyester Resin, filling powder, peroxide



    Transparent, Beige, Cream, White, Red, etc


    Direction For Use.

    Keep the application surface dry and clean

    The ratio between Part A (marble adhesive) and Part B (Hardener) is 100: 3,

    If the end user wants to expedite or slow down the curing time, they can increase or reduce the quantity of Part B (Hardener), but too much Part B (Hardener) may change the color of the adhesive after its cured.

    Mix thoroughly and apply with facer.



    Do not return the mixed glue to the original packing, close the cover when store in cool, ventilate and dry place, away from the heat & kindling.

    Do not operate in wet circumstance or it will cause sticky on the surface.

    Working temperature arranges from -10 to 45.

    Over dosed hardener (more than 3%) may cause the color change of the colloid and reduction of adhesion.

    High temperature (<50) may cause the color change and reduction of adhesion .

    Do not use the marble adhesive for structural adherence, for dry-hanging of stones purpose, please use our epoxy base AB adhesive.

    Do not exposure to wetting and freezing temperature too much.


    Shelf Life

    12 months shelf life since production date when stored in cool places and good packed

    Forbid exposure in strong sunshine



    250G, 1Kg, 4Kgs, 5Kgs, 7Kgs, 25Kgs, etc


    Safety rules

    Reserve the goods out of reach of children. Do not swallow.

    Personal protection: wearing suitable gloves, glasses or screen for face, and assure suitable local ventilation of work places.

    Keep suitable ventilation at the work place and keep away from fire.

    The adhesive and hardeners may cause chemical harms to skin and eyes. Rinse with water immediately and go to hospital if in serious case.